The TYOR Ambassador Program was designed to support and encourage more people to get outside, go on an adventure, and travel their own road. Some of us at TYOR have made some of our best friends while in the outdoors, and now we want to use our products to bring people together in the outdoors.

How the TYOR Ambassador Program works

  • You earn up to 7% commission when your custom promo code is used
  • Your code gives your family, friends, and followers 10% off their entire order!
  • You'll know about new products before they are released and have access to ambassador pre-sale discounts!
  • Tag @tyorlife in two posts per month on social media

How we pay

Ambassador commission is paid on the 1st of each calendar month.

Commission incentives reset on the 1st of each calendar month, but each incentive tier that you reach will apply to your commission % for all orders placed that month!

Commission incentives

3% $99 - $599
5% $600 - $999
7% $1000 +

Commission % resets on the 1st of every calendar month

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