We started with two friends in a garage fabricating custom parts for their Jeeps - now we want to fabricate new and useful products for you.

TYOR started
with the Skriddle

The founders of TYOR had the idea one day that a durable, packable, and high-quality piece of cookware that could cook a wide range of foods should exist. With an engineer and a highly experienced fabricator as founders, it didn't take long before a prototype was produced and the Skriddle was made! The Skriddle is now a square, flat bottomed piece of cookware with tall sides made out of carbon steel that was plasma cut, formed to shape, and welded together. In order to make it easier to pack on overland adventures, they ditched the idea of a long handle and designed the Skriddle with two handles on opposing sides to create a low enough profile to be packed in an ammo can. The Skriddle was eventually noticed by friends and family and after requests started coming in for their own Skriddle, the idea for a company to create simple solutions to every-adventure problems was born.

TYOR is proud to build our Skriddles in the USA using locally source metal to support other local businesses.

TYOR's home is Utah, but all of our Skriddles are built in Arizona by our co-founder, Joe Gatlin.